The Tiger's Eye is the second restaurant in Phnom Penh for South African chef Timothy Bruyns. Influenced by cuisines around the world, The Tiger's Eye specializes in progressive Asian cuisine.

Appreciated for his visually striking dishes, Chef Timothy combines local flavours, fresh produce, and classic and modern cooking techniques to create unforgettable cuisine.



We are fortunate to have a team of young, motivated people who are eager to learn and grow and committed to working hard.

They share a passion for food, the possibilities of Cambodian flavours and advancing the heritage of Cambodian cooking.



The Tiger's Eye restaurant was designed with Chef Timothy's cooking style in mind.

Just as his dishes mix flavors in unexpected ways, the restaurant interior fuses textures and materials to create a contemporary space that is unlike any other in the city.




We are fortunate to have a team of young, motivated people who are eager to learn and grow and committed to working hard.

They share a passion for food, the possibilities of Cambodian flavours and advancing the heritage of Cambodian cooking.

We support our
local artisan farmers,
butchers & producers


  • Bread Of The Day 4.5
    Preserves Of The Day ( For 2Pax )
  • Pastries Of The Day 3.0

  • Slow Cooked Oats 5.0
    Coconut milk, Fruit, Spices & Honey
  • Tiger's Eye Toasted Muesli Mix 5.5
    Yoghurt Fruit & Honey
  • Poached Eggs & Hollandaise 8.5
    With Your Choice Of: _Home Cured Bacon _Ricotta & Avacado _ Home Cured & Smoked Salmon, Avacado
  • Shallow Fried Fish 8.5
    Green Mango Salad & Rice
  • Scrambled Eggs 7.5
    Home Cured Bacon, Rye & Ale Country Loaf
  • Bacon & Egg Sandwich 7.5
    On Toasted Sourdough With Cheese & Tomato
  • Braised Beef Short Rib 9.0
    Fresh Egg Noodles, Sweet Chilli & Fried Egg
  • Bread Of The Day 4.5
    With Preserves ( For 2Pax )
  • Ceasar Salad 7.0
    Add Chicken or Bacon ( +4.0 )
  • Fresh Siem Reap Mozzarella 8.5
    Red & Green Tomato With Basil
  • Slow Roasted Mushroom Salad 6.5
    Fennel, Cashew & Miso
  • Sous Vide Seared Prawn 9.0
    Cashew Nut Pesto, Poached Egg & Nam Prik
  • Cured & Smoked Duck Breast 8.0
    White Onion, Avocado & Garlic
  • Raw & Cured Tuna 9.0
    Banana Heart, Lilly Stem & Somtam
  • Pork Head Terrine 9.0
    Mushroom, Cucumber & Sesame
  • Fresh Papperdelle 8.5
    Pumpkin & Basil or Courgette, Garlic & Olive Oil ( Add Prawn +5.0 )
  • Smoked Roasted Lentil Curry 11.0
    Pickled Cauliflower, Carrot & Spinach
  • Seabass Wrapped Banana Leaf & Bbqd 14.0
    Yellow Curry Marinated, Potato & Mushroom
  • Pan Roasted Rib Eye Steak 28.0
    Potato Chips & A Choice Of Mushroom or Green Pepper Sauce
  • Beef Burger 15.0
    Mushroom, Cheese & Home Cut Fried
  • Cured & 42 Degree Confit Salmon 18.0
    Mushroom, White Onion & Caviar
  • Braised Then Glazed Pork Rib 14.0
    Sweet Potato, Coleslaw & Mayonaisse
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse 9.5
    Passion & Peanut
  • Coconut & Red Bean Terrine 8.0
    Cashew & Sticky Rice
  • Compressed Watermelon 8.0
    White Chocolate & Yoghurt
  • Cured Pan Roasted Duck Breast 17.0
    Red Curry, Bbqd Aubergine & Courgette
  • Sous Vide & Pan Roasted Pork Rack 17.0
    Sweetcorn, Fresh Turmeric & Aubergine

The Tasting Menu 55.0 or 80.0 With Wines To Paring

Chef Timothy Bruyns has a strong affinity with the people, the cooking, the smells and flavours of Cambodia and the South East Asian region. Part affection and part obsession, this has led him to connect with some of the finest foragers, suppliers and producers. Combine this with Timothy's unique blend of creativity and experience-and a manic drive to keep pushing this culinary explorations- you have all the components for cuisine that is unique and exceptional. To fully appreciate Timothy's culinary artistry, we recommend you to try the tasting menu, where Chef is free to share with you a full expression of flavours, textures, aromas and taste in five acts. This is truly the way of seeing food, through The Tiger's Eye.


  • The Midnight Hour5.0

    It's worth breaking curfew for this enchanting mix of flavors. Sinfully good. Grey goose, Bueberry Jam, Brown Sugar & Lime

    The Temptress7.0

    Rich, aromatic & creamy, this tantalising combination entices with vanilla & nutty notes then seduces with a fragrant, spicy, cininnamon finish Death's door, Bailey's, milk & cinnamon


  • Red Ale Hendricks8.0

    Blending the best of an ice cold beer & a refreshing cocktail Hendrick gin, Irish red ale, Lemon & Honey

    Bitter Sweet 9.0

    A Symphony of exquisite lemon, orange & rhubarb Flavours with a hint of florals note Sipsmith dry gin, Aperol, Lemon, White egg & Bitter


  • The White Dragon4.5

    Flavours of mandarin & lime combine with sweet dragon fruit to stay the dragon within Jose Cuervo Reposado, Triple Sec, Dragon Fruit & Lime

    Desert Daze8.5

    Quench your thirst with unique mix of sharp yet refreshing flavours & a subtle kick of spice Patron Anejo(gold), Apple Juice, Ginger Beer & Chilli


  • Suga Dady7.0

    An intriguing mix of ingredient with a seductive & elegant finish that leaves you wanting more Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Sugar Cane Juice, Basil & Lime

    The Gardener5.5

    A Quirky & surprisingly intense mix of anise & lime with aroma of vanilla & dry coconut Diplomatico Blanco Reserva, Sambuca & Lime


  • Ms.Mischke5.0

    The common tiger classic inspired by a beautiful lady Prosecco, Watermelon & Basil

    The Classic Vesper10.0

    My name is bond ........James bond No3 Gin, Death's Door Vodka & Mancino Blianco Vermouth

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